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Sketch Tha Cataclysm – Indie Rappers Do It For Gas Money (Vol. 2)

Following up 2009’s string of 3 separate EPs is the second full length LP, Indie Rappers Do It For Gas Money 2, by the AntFarm Affiliate known as Sketch tha cataclysm. The album is a love letter/hate mail to being an independent MC; covering the peaks and valleys of the not-quite-known musician’s lifestyle. The 13 album tracks give you insight into the heart and soul of the artist as artist, the audiences encountered, and relationship’s gained or broken over production from Defnyshn, Willie Green, Dirt E. Dutch, True Scribe, and Sketch himself. The project also features appearances by fellow AF Affiliates Rising Sun Quest, Roc Doogie and Expertiz along with MEGABUSIVE, Big Jess of Unknown Prophets, Aeon Grey, Teddy Faley, PremRock, and more!
Purchase at: Emusic | Amazon | iTunes | Google Music | CDs (Bandcamp)
Download Free Lyric Book!: IRDIFGM2 Lyric Book (.pdf)

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This entry was posted on October 3, 2011 by in Releases.