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Workforce – Apples and Sunshine

Apples and Sunshine

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Apples and Sunshine is the official debut from Workforce, emcee Hawl Digg and producer Dirt E. Dutch (Indiefeed Hip Hop/Troublemakers). They’ve been performing live in the Northeast for more than four years and decided to pick 10 songs to record and spread far and wide.

Hawl’s lyrics are positive without being corny, confident without being boastful and old-school without being outdated. Dirt E Dutch serves him well with rhythms reminiscent of the Curtis Mayfield era of soul, one that’s spiritually akin to Workforce’s gangsta-free urban sound. Connecticut natives and childhood friends, Digg and the Dutchman became addicted to hip-hop early in their lives. “We’ve seen all the good and bad that hip-hop has to offer,” says the Dutchman. “We formed Workforce in 2004 to promote more of the good an less of the bad.”



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